Keeping up with your prostate health is important and necessary. Perhaps the most important action you can take would be to keep track of your symptoms and consult your doctor about them as soon as possible. There are several conditions that the prostate is susceptible to.

One is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH, is an ailment in which the prostate begins to grow. Increased levels of dihydrotestosterone cause prostate cells to grow at an abnormally quick rate. This, however, is not cancer, as there are no growths. This is nothing to fear or be ashamed of?many middle aged and older men experience BPH. It?s only when the prostate becomes large enough that it presses against the urethra that problems with urination and ejaculation may arise. Fortunately, if treated early, these symptoms can fade very quickly. Our prostate medicine can help by providing you with a wide selection of essential supplements.

Another common ailment is prostatitis. The occurs when the prostate becomes inflamed. Sometimes this is due to bacterial infection, though other times it isn?t. This often results in difficulty urinating, frequent urges, and weak urinary flow. It also causes fevers, chills, lower back pain, and rectal pain. While commonly treated with antibiotics, you can ease the symptoms of prostatitis with diet changes as well. Our line of prostate medicine can bring you on the road to recovery by helping you with these dietary changes.

Prostate cancer is what occurs when a tumorous growth is spotted in or near the prostate gland. This cancer can grow and spread into adjacent areas, such as the kidney and bladder. Early treatment can serve to prevent the onslaught of prostate cancer.

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